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Avertissement : les MP3 déposés sur cette page n'ont pour but que de promouvoir les albums chroniqués. Si un artiste ou son représentant légal le demande, l'extrait sera immédiatement retiré du site.

bitchin THE DONNAS "Bitchin'" from Album "Bitchin'"

krokus HELLCITY 13 "In Love With Love" from Album "Hellcity 13"

krokus KROKUS "Midnight Fantasy" from Album "Hellraiser"

Lordi BABYLON BOMBS "Jaded Heart" from Album "Doing You Nasty"

Lordi LORDI "Hard Rock Hallelujah" from Album "The Arockalypse" 

Gotthard Lipservice CRYSTAL PISTOL "Rockstar" from Album "Crystal Pistol" 

Gotthard Lipservice MARYSLIM "B.T.L." from Album "Splitvision" 

Gotthard Lipservice DOOMFOXX "Piece Of Me" from Album "Doomfoxx" 

Gotthard Lipservice GOTTHARD "Lift U Up" from Album "Lipservice" 

Biss BISS "DSOD" from Album "face Off"

"Save Our Soul
" from Album "Living & Dying"

Freedom call FREEDOM CALL "Hunting High And Low" from Album "The Circle Of Life"

Unchain UNCHAIN "Can Stay In Hell" from Album "Unchain"

Human HUMAN TEMPLE "Out Of Love" from Album "Insomnia"

Devils THE 69 EYES "Lost boys" from Album "Devils"

Jet HOLLYWOOD PARTY "Rock'N'Roll band" from Album "Like A Tatoo"

Jet JET "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" from Album "Get Born"

Krokus KROKUS "Long Stick" from Album live "Fire & Gazoline"

Axel AXEL RUDY PELL "Cold Heaven" from Album "Kings & Queens"

Skew EDGUY "Kings Of Fools" from Album "Hellfire Club"

"It Hurts Me
" from Album "Dead Dreams From The Silver Gutter"

Skew SKEW SISKIN "Shake Me" from Album "Album Of The Year"

Krokus BACKYARD BABIES "Everybody Ready?!" from Album "Stockholm Syndrome"

Krokus KROKUS "Looking To America" from Album "Rock The Block"

Shannon SHANNON "Billion Dollars rain" from Album "Shannon"

Johnny Lima JOHNNY LIMA "The Choosen One" from Album "Made In California"

Strato Part 2 STRATOVARIUS "I Walk To My Own Song" from Album "Elements Part 2" 

Darkness THE DARKNESS "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" from Album "Permission To Land" 

Shakra SHAKRA "Now or Never" from Album "Rising"

Shakra Power Ride SHAKRA
"A Dollar Too Much" from Album "Power Ride"

Gotthard Human Zoo GOTTHARD "Top of The World" from Album "Human Zoo"